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Timesavers 1311-13-1 Single Head 37in Wide Belt Sander

Timesavers model 1311-13-1, 37″ single head conveyor feed wide belt sander, SN 29658, year 2004, 15HP 3-phase 230v sanding head motor, 1HP variable speed feed, 15-45 fpm, 4″ spiral-grooved rubber contact drum followed by independently adjustable platen, 37″ x 60″ abrasive belt size, double infeed and outfeed spring-loaded hold-down rolls, electronic belt tracking, safety shut-off gate, load meter, shaving hood has 6″ diameter inlet, four jack screws on conveyor bed, power raise and lower, four safety shut-off controls, mechanical digital readout on opening of bed, 42 maximum amp load at 230v, four leveling bolts, operation manual, cleaned and checked.

Price:  $11,900.00

1311 6 1311 5 1311 4 1311 3 1311 2 1311 1



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