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Leadermac LMC 518S Smartmac 7 5 Head Mo...

Leadermac LMC 518S Smartmac 7 5 Head Moulder
[LMC 518S]


Leadermac LMC 518S Smartmac 7" 5-Head Moulder

ThicknessMaterial                  .4”(to 1/4” optional) to5”

WidthMaterial                          .6” to 7” (8” optional see optional cutterheads -below)

Min lengthofmaterial             8”(Buttfed) Axial adjust.sideheads                    .8”(20mm) Axial              .8”(20mm)

Feed Speeds to                     20-85 FPM (6-24MPM)

Netweight approx.                8,200 lbs.



➢       1 Piece – Cast Iron Frame. Specially heat treated for maximum stability and minimum vibration

➢       78” (2 m) long Adjustable Straightening Infeed Table and Fence (each adjustable.4“)

➢       All Tables and Fences are Hard Chromed with approx. .012”-.014” hard chrome (except 1st bottom receiving plate which is alloy steel specially hardened for best wearability)

➢       Lift up sound and safety Enclosure including safety interlocks and strobe freelighting




➢       Maintenance free Full Cardan Shaft Drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed rollerstation

➢       Powered rise and fall to extra heavy feed support beam by 1 hp/.75 kwmotor.

➢       Upper support Beam is on large center column for the most rigid upper beamsupport.

➢       All feed rolls and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extremepoints.

➢       6 Top Driven Feed Roll Assemblies (each equipped with Multiple 2” wide rolls thatcan

be quickly spaced/positioned or removed as desired)

➢       2 Full Width Driven Bottom FeedRolls

➢       Top & Bottom rolls – before first bottomhead

➢       Full Width Bottom Driven InfeedRoll

➢       Top/Bottom Full Width Powered OutfeedRolls

➢       Top Infeed Rolls with pneumatic rise and fall byswitch

➢       Centrally located Pneumatic Pressure Gauges & Controls on ExteriorColumn

➢       All Top Rolls are Pneumatically Tensioned. There are 3 different pressurized groups tothe

Top Rolls. Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Top Rolls. Each group has a pressure gauge and regulator for varying pressure setting.

➢       Top Infeed driven serrated Steel feed rolls up to top head are hardened andsatin

chromed to resist wear and prevent chips and shavings from sticking to them

➢       Polyurethane top feed rolls after tophead

➢       Intermediate short stock top driven feed roll station with pneumatic pressure for feeding minimum 8”(200mm) length work pieces.  It is easily flipped up for rear side headremoval.

➢       Jog Forward & Jog Reverse to feed with duplicate remote located along the front of the moulder for fast and easy control – Remote includes BeamUp/Down

➢       Feed roll diameter   5.5” /140mm

➢       4 HP Variable Speed Drive to 20-85FPM


➢       All Heads are Standard 6000RPM (7200 rpm optional) and beltdriven

➢       40mm diameter spindles (1 ½”, 1 13/16” or 50 mm –Optional)

➢       Spindles are manufactured from SCM-440 tool steel (from Mitsubishi-Japan) with special heat treating to HR 55C Hardness fitted with 2 pairs of Duplex SKF precision high speed Bearings to provide the best cutting stability and accuracy. Spindle Tolerance guaranteedto

+/-0.002mm / 0.00007” accuracy. They are permanent grease lubed and are sealed

➢       Adjustment of all spindles from front – Easy to operatestations

➢       All spindles have horizontal and verticaladjustment,

➢       Vertical Spindle – Axial (Vertical) Adjustment –.8”

➢       Horizontal Spindle – Axial (Horizontal) Adjustment -.8”

➢       Independent manual vertical adjustment to tophead.

➢       Siko Dual Counters on Near Side Head & Top Head Radial Adjustment for QuickSetup

➢       All Spindle Axis(Vertical & Horizontal) throughout the Moulder that don’t have Setworks or Dual Siko Counters have Mechanical Position Readouts for Radial & Axial (vertical & horizontal), fast and accurate setting (except 1st  BottomAxial)

➢       Readouts inInch

➢       1st  Bottom Head supplied with Spiral CarbideCutterhead

➢  + Set (of 4) Cutterheads Included, serrated back dual angle 12° / 20°






1)   Bottom Head

7.5 HP

5” to 6.3”(125 – 160 mm)

4.9” (125 mm)

2 & 3) Right Side/Left Side Heads

15 HP

4” to 7”   (100 – 180 mm)

4.9” (125 mm)

4)   Top Head

15 HP

4” to 8”   (100 – 200 mm)

4.9” (125 mm)

5)   2nd  Bottom Head

10 HP

4” to 8”   (100 – 200 mm)

4.9” (125 mm)




➢       Tables, Bedplates, Chipbreakers, Pressure Plate Fences are Hard Chromed withapprox.

.012” - .014” chrome thickness(not flash Chromed) – giving you best wear resistance

➢       1.25” (32mm) highfences

➢       Double Roller Side Pressure unit opposite fence side head moving with near sidehead

➢       Left Side Head equipped with telescopic bedplate

➢       Side guide after near side head moving with near sidehead

➢       Sectional Chip Breakers before Top Head easily adjustable with vertical screw adjustment and digital position readouts & Top Head Chip Breaker Plates are Hard Chromed easily & quicklyadjustable

➢       Quick adjust Chromed Pad pressure (Pressure Plate) after top head with verticalscrew

adjustment and mechanical digital position readout

➢       Outfeed bed plate is easilyshimmed

MISCELLANEOUS features and inclusions

➢       Hand pump bed lubricationsystem

➢       Greasing of all critical points from central front of the moulderlocation(s)

➢       4.9”(125mm) Dust Hoods and Internal Dust Hoses areincluded

➢       Dust Collection Required – 3,400 CFM based on 5,000fpm velocity (drymaterial)

➢       Air Pressure Required – 85PSI (6 Bar) Volume very low (3/8”connection)

➢       Toolbox (w/tools & accessories)included

➢       Operations-Maintenance & Parts Manual with Electrical Drawings (HardCopy-included)


➢       TECO-Westinghouse or Siemens – Electric Motors – excellent quality & heavyduty

➢       Limit switch at infeed to prevent feeding oversized material and doubleups

➢       Safety Switch on Door of Enclosure to delay opening forsafety

➢       I.E.C. – Telemecanique-Square D Electrics meet or exceed UL/CSAStandards

➢       Amperage Total – Amperage Total – based on 230 volt installation – 149 amps if(460V –75amps)

➢       Control Voltage – 110Volt

➢       Machines are equipped with Wye-Delta Soft-Start Starters, main disconnect, multiple E Stops and 230/460/3/60 electrics. Wired to 230volts

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